Expert Shield *Lifetime Guarantee* – The Screen Protector for: Apple iPhone 11 Pro/XS Max (6.5″) – Glass


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Product Description

You want protection you can rely on, something you can just easily fit and forget, won’t scratch over time and keep your device looking just like the day you bought it – for years. We hear you.

Here at Expert Shield, we’ve gone all out in developing an unrivalled Glass screen protector.

We planned to spend months thinking of the perfect name. It had to have impact, panache and a nonchalant rugged air about it so crisp; it’d make Daniel Craig look like well-used stress ball. Then we realised we’d spent the whole budget on making it the best damned glass screen protector you’ve ever laid eyes on, so we just called it “GLASS by Expert Shield”.

But what makes GLASS by Expert Shield so ground-breaking, what makes it different to the hordes of regular glass screen protectors? You’ll find it far easier to apply for a start, due to our ESgel layer that lets your protector effortlessly cling to the screen without bubbles. The same ESgel will remove without any residue.

Your GLASS by Expert Shield is hard. This means your Glass Expert Shield won’t scratch and if struck with hard impact, it will spread the trauma across it’s surface effectively to protect your LCD. Yet the entire system is less than 0.28mm thick which means that all capacitative touch screens work without any lag. Optically, it’s also near-perfectly clear – meaning you won’t notice any reduction in your screen brightness or any dulling in image sharpness.

Note: It is very important to ensure alignment before you install. Our GLASS is so thin that, re-lifting in order to re-install will not work. Once sealed on the LCD, lifting the GLASS will cause warping and the GLASS may not seal again. Please see our installation instruction on our site – the GLASS is guaranteed to install without bubbles. You just need to guide it down accurately to avoid the need to re-align. Contact us if you have any problems installing your GLASS.


  • Your Expert Shield is made from optical grade glass cut to fit your screen.
  • Your Expert Shield comes with a no bubble guarantee.
  • Your Expert Shield also comes with a no scratch guarantee.
  • Actually, your Expert Shield is pretty much guaranteed to make you happy (we guarantee it).
  • Oh, and those guarantees last for the lifetime of your device. Because we love you.
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